A little about Creative Castings

Creative Castings evolved from my desire to learn as many jewelry making techniques as possible!

I have experience in Metalsmithing, Stone Setting, Precious Metal Clay, Bead Looming, Enameling, and Lapidary work, however, once I came upon Lost Wax Casting I was hooked! I found there were endless possibilities using this technique.

As I began designing jewelry with my castings, I realized other jewelers may like to use more dimension in their work as well and so Creative Castings was born!   

My variety of castings are created from hand carved wax, as well as, using organics ranging from; botanicals, sea shells, octopus tentacles, succulents and so much more. Some of my castings have been created through the generosity and camaraderie of my customers who send models and objects to me to be cast from all around the world! 

I am extremely honored to work with all of you and so very grateful for the support! I am always in awe of my castings transformation once they are created into the artist’s work!

I sell my castings here as well as on Instagram, @Creative_Castings, please follow me there if you are not already! 

I love and welcome custom work; just ask! 

Thank you for visiting my shop, "Have Fun Creating!!"